The Virchow Prize for Global Health is endowed with € 500,000

With the Virchow Prize for Global Health, the Virchow Foundation for Global Health aims to incentivize and spur great minds in their commitment to global health. Laureates of the Virchow Prize for Global Health will be awarded an endowment of 500,000 euros for their longstanding commitment, contributions and lifetime achievements towards improving health and well-being for all. The prize money will be divided equally among the maximum of three laureates if more the than one person or organisation is awarded in a year.

To uphold the Founders’ vision, the Laureate(s) of the Virchow Prize for Global Health should use 2/3 of the prize money awarded to fund or support specific

  • humanitarian,
  • charitable,
  • non-profit,
  • research or
  • academic

activities or projects in the field of global health that are in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Virchow Prize

for global health