Meet Hermann Gröhe, Member of the Board of Trustees



Meet Hermann Gröhe, Member of the German Parliament, Federal Minister of Health 2013 to 2018 and Member of the the Virchow Foundation for Global Health Board of Trustees

Since 1994, Hermann Gröhe is a member of the German Parliament, currently acting as Vice Chairman of the CDU/CSU group for economic cooperation and development as well as labour and social policy. From 2013 to 2018, he was the Federal Minister of Health, giving global health issues a great priority in his work. A lawyer by profession, Hermann Gröhe is a faithful protestant and member of the National Synod of the Protestant Church of Germany (EKD).

From your perspective, why is engagement and awareness raising for global health important?

The COVID-19 pandemic has again dramatically underlined the need to address health issues, not only on country level but globally. Communicable diseases and the growing challenge of antimicrobial resistance do not stop at borders. This necessitates joint action from governments, multilateral and research institutions, and the private sector to prevent health threats or to effectively deal with them in a coordinated way when they occur.

How are you committed to engaging in global health topics within your current professional role and activities?

Together with Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, as Minister of Health I have prioritised global health in global fora like the G7 or G20. This was, and is, a trademark of the German policy based on our sense of international responsibility. As an opposition politician, I now focus on the development dimension of global health issues and the interlinkages with global health policy, like strengthening the World Health Organization (WHO).

How do you hope to achieve greater awareness and engagement for global health in your new role at the Virchow Foundation for Global Health? How can the Virchow Prize for Global Health help to increase awareness?

The Virchow Foundation for Global Health, including the annual awarding of the Prize for innovations in global health, is in a unique position to contribute to progressing global health issues by bringing together representatives from research and science, health, the private sector, media and politics. This will promote cooperation between relevant actors and increase knowledge towards improvement of global health. I am humbled to have been asked to join the Board of Trustees of the Virchow Foundation for Global Health and look forward to bringing in my experience as a politician into the work of this distinguished group.

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